New decor, new business

Abstracts digital artworks designed for your home, business and office

Digital artworks for your business

Several factors contribute in making a business successful*. The design of the workspace and the offices layout are just a few. An avant-gardist, warm and creative design is of the utmost importance in order to produce some positive results in the well-being and productivity of everyone. A harmonious and pleasant environment is required for your employees, your customers as well as for yourself.

A fiscal advantage

See: Purchase of works of art provides a fiscal advantage

In addition to improving your employees work environment and yours, encouraging local artists by purchasing Canadian artworks also provides a fiscal advantage.

"... a partnership, a corporation or a trust that acquires some eligible work of art, under certain criteria, may claim an annual Capital cost allowance equal to 20% of the amount paid, at the federal level; and 33.3% in Québec ... The artwork must have been acquired for the exclusive purpose of earning some business income, for example to decorate the reception, a meeting room, corridors or the office of a shareholder; and in full view of the business customers."

A wide range of custom digital artworks

The digital artworks offered to businesses can be printed on different papers, acrylic (plexiglass) or brushed aluminum to various dimensions.

The purchase of digital artworks will allow a touch of originality to your workplace by creating an original design that combines comfort, productivity and enjoyment to the delight of your customers and employees. You can transform each of your workspaces - offices, waiting rooms and lobby - into very pleasant environments.

Abstracts digital artworks designed for your home, business and office

You will surely find what pleases you in my collection of abstract, urban and nature digital artworks. You can also purchase unique custom creations. In case you opt for these original artworks, it will be my pleasure to meet you on location to evaluate your needs.

Please feel free to contact me for developing a project or for more information.

* According to the National Research Council of Canada, business owners who make improvements (however minimal) to their employees’ work environment will see their productivity increase significantly.