2019 Price List – Standard prints

Prints for small budget.

These prints are made on quality paper.

It is also possible to produce a wallpaper mural of any size.

Hight quality prints (museum quality) are also available.

In the visual presentation, you will see various formats to give you a foretaste (Je propose : which will give you an overview of the possibilities in a living or working environment) - framed works are used as examples only.
You want to push the boundaries beyond standard formats? Artworks can be offered up to very large formats such as murals.
You have a project in mind? You have a question? Please feel free to contact me by phone at 514-668-4881 or by email.

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Prices are in Canadian dollars and does not include the framing fees nor the shipping costs and are subject to change.

Paper prints

The prints are made on matte or glossy photo paper.

Dimensions Prix
22.86x60.96 cm (9x24 po)$ 40
25.40x76.20 cm (10x30 po)$ 55
30.48x91.44 cm (12x36 po)$ 65
33.02x101.60 cm (13x40 po)$ 95
41.28x127 cm (16x50 po)$ 125

Dimensions Prix
45.72x60.96 cm (18x24 po)$ 70
50.80x76.20 cm (20x30 po)$ 105
60.96x91.44 cm (24x36 po)$ 175
66.04x 101.60 cm (26x40 po)$ 210
81.28x 127 cm (32x50 po)$ 260

60.96x60.96 cm (24x24 po)$ 70
76.20x76.20 cm (30x30 po)$ 105
91.44x91.44 cm (36x36 po)$ 125
101.60x 101.60 cm (40x40 po)$ 280
127 x127 cm (50x50 po)$ 435