Artistic approach

About Damien Francoeur - Digital artist
Damien Francoeur - Digital artist

About my digital creations

All my digital creations - both abstract and figurative - are based on photography. From nature to urban arrangements, I photograph all the shapes and textures that speak to me. My favorite components are architectural details, rusty metals, aged walls, still life. I like to use these inanimate subjects, which are, for the most part, without any aesthetics and bring them back to life. In each of these forms and textures, there is a beauty that only needs to be reborn.

In my search for aesthetics, I select the photos that will become the triggers of my achievements, which can lead me to superimpose up to twelve different photos. There is no limit or reflection during my creative period.

Once satisfied with the result, the work can rest several days and it is only after this lapse of time that I put a critical eye.


Creative Approach

Damien Francoeur - Digital ArtistThe original photo is the element of a wall ... (1) to which I superimpose an old slide that has been altered and digitized ... (2) and then I add a photo of an ice surface (3) with a colored lilter with effect ... (4) to obtain this final result "Au sens figuré". (5)


It is during my teenage years that I began to develop a taste for the arts and that my artistic talent truly expressed itself.

Self-taught, I ventured over the years, in various disciplines [sculpture, interior design, wall painting, architectural design, mechanical design, commercial design and painting].

I exhibited my work for the first time in 1985, black and white inks, greatly influenced by pointillism.

In 1995, my interest goes to graphic design and I started my own business from 1999 until the summer of 2013, when a major event leads me to almost totally invest myself in digital works.

In 2000 in Montreal, I exhibit my first digital artworks on the theme of eroticism.

In 2014-2015, I exhibit, also in Montreal, my new production of digital artworks:

◼︎ Mtl in Arts, St-Catherine Street [between St-Hubert and Papineau], from July 1 to 5 2015
◼︎ Hotel Le Crystal, from March 13 to June 10 2014
◼︎ Dream Factory Pictures, from May 1 to 5 2014
◼︎ Axyon and Wayste from June 26 to July 10 2014
◼︎ Urban Body Studio, July 5 2014


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