The wide range of very original digital artworks

Damien Francoeur - Digital Artist
The wide range of abstract, urban and nature digital artworks

A new and original form of art full of imagination

Digital art has developed significantly over the past fifteen years and we see an increasing interest in this art form. It represents the new frontier. This artistic expression allows me to focus on creating while using the wonders of the modern technology, therefore exploring my imagination more and more. The use of digital technology enables the improvisation and the creation of more instinctive works.

The large selection among my digital artworks will undoubtedly allow you to find what will rightly add to the color and personality of your environment. I hope the abstract, urban or nature artworks presented here will make you live beautiful emotions and that your enthusiasm will allow my creations to become part of your environment.

Damien Francoeur - Digital Artist
The creation of digital artworks takes up most of my time

Photo as a starting point

“ Free in my mind, without thoughts, I collect, I capture, I seize without any limit, moment after moment, up to the smallest details that call my attention. Then, in the nooks and crannies of my imaginary, forms, textures and lights amalgamate, transform, reveal themselves in order to bring me, sometimes surprised, sometimes amused, to meet new worlds.”

My interest in the visual arts has changed over time. As an artist, I chose to integrate the digital to my approach, first by understanding the functioning of the various tools, software and digital camera, to then use them as a means of expression.

The creation of digital artworks takes up most of my time; I enjoy the unexpected aspect it triggers.

Photography is my starting point. I develop, by various figurative or abstract concepts, the possibility of "seeing otherwise" the elements, forms or daily events that may seem unimportant at first sight or even completely ignored. I later work on the image, superimposing and transforming through the filter of my emotions and my perception, in order to transmit a testimony of a totally different reality.

Creative Approach


Damien Francoeur - Digital ArtistThe original photo is the element of a wall ... (1) to which I superimpose an old slide that has been altered and digitized ... (2) and then I add a photo of an ice surface (3) with a colored lilter with effect ... (4) to obtain this final result "Au sens figuré". (5)

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